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Easy Setup for smartphone and computer so you can get to work faster Print, copy, scan and navigate the features you need using the clear, brightly-lit 1.44" OLED Screen Easily print from any room - from any device - with built-in WiFi
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Fastest color print, copy, scan, fax, 2x faster scan, mobile/wireless Pro quality color for presentations, brochures and flyers Color touchscreen Optional HP high-yield cartridges Single pass, 2-sided automatic document feeder
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Digital Scanners

If you are overrun with paperwork and need a better filing system that makes it easy to access all of your papers, it’s time to invest in a digital scanner. Not only can you streamline your paper organization, but these devices also help organize the large pile of family photos you don’t know what to do with.

Digital scanners are available in many shapes and sizes, and can perform a wide variety of tasks. Some products are specifically made to transfer your papers and place them into computer files. Other scanners offer features that are broader and can perform multiple functions.

Did you know you can make old photos look almost new again? Some digital scanner models have a built-in 35mm setting where you can import your negatives one strip at a time, and watch them transform into beautiful pictures that look as if they were just taken. You’ll never lose a memory to lost negatives again. Relive your childhood, your wedding, your child’s young years, or any special time in your life as if it were yesterday.

Bring those old super eight home movies in your parents’ basement back to life with the Pacific Image Reflecta Super 8 to Digital Video Converter. This machine converts old reels quickly and easily, restoring the memories you so dearly want to protect, without the bulky machinery needed to view them.

Along with transferring pictures and video into media files, these digital scanners also make it possible to take old photos and enlarge them, without them looking grainy, pixelated, or out of date. Not only will the added focus help to take away any blurriness in the photo, but the automatic color corrector will help get rid of the bluish or yellowish hue that many old photos possess. With these products, you don’t need to be a Photoshop wizard to accomplish outstanding results.

Whatever you’re looking to transfer documents, pictures, or restore old home movies into a more convenient format, we have all of the digital scanner devices needed to make these transfers possible. From a format specific device, to a multi-function machine, helps you protect your memories and, helps them withstand the test of time.